My plea for Ecuador



I’m fortunate to have many amazing friends, some of them very generous people who spend a lot of time fundraising to help others. I know there are plenty of worthy reasons to raise funds and plenty of causes to advocate for. Nevertheless, today I would like to advocate for a wonderful place and its wonderful people: my own people. As most of you know, a 7.8 earthquake shook the coast of Ecuador last Saturday, killing over 500 people, injuring 4000 and leaving 20.000 without a home.

The earthquake affected particularly Manabí province, an area full of fertile lands and hard working people. Some of the best chocolates you can find here in Europe were most likely made out of cacao from Manabí, and most of the delicious Ecuadorian bananas that are so popular around the world also come from this beautiful seaside province where the sun goes down right in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

This has been the worst earthquake in Ecuador in the past four decades and it will take us a long time to recover. I wish I could be helpful someway or do more than just feeling sad and impotent so many kilometers away from home. But at least, I can plea for Ecuador; advocate for my country, and invite all of my friends to lend us a hand in this difficult moment.

Either because it is a worthy cause in the name of thousands of suffering people, or just because we are friends and you care about my country, please consider making a donation for Ecuador. Needless to say that I will be always grateful!

Ecuador Red Cross
(for donations with credit card)…/emerge…/759-donaciones-efectivo
(for bank transfers)

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  1. My country has often been hit by earthquakes, sometimes earthquakes and others politicians, but we have recovered from all that. God willing, we will recover from this too.

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